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Welcome to Cosmic Ventures.

If at anytime you can not find the answer to a question about our company or a subsidiary on our website, please use our Mobi-glas app to contact one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives (CSR).

We are honored by your visit and look forward to earning your business. Although a relatively young company, we already have earned a reputation for getting the job done. Capt. Bruce and the Crew of the Idris "Cosmic Venture", are known throughout UEE space as honorable, trustworthy men. Their reputation was the capital that started this company. As a matter of fact, the respect shown them is the reason for CV’s overnight growth and why we have, and continue to draw the highest caliber of pilots. No-nonsense, loyal pilots with integrity and a strong desire to successfully accomplish each mission.

These men and women put your interests above all else. That is why we “put our money where our mouth is”. The Ventures Guarantee* isn’t a gimmick, it is an ethos. If we do not fulfill our contract, you don’t pay one single credit. Any and all deposits are fully refunded. No one else is able to make this claim and stay in business; they can’t because they aren’t good enough. We do not make that statement as a boast, but as a fact - the statistics speak for themselves. Our repeat customers out-number any competitor, in any system. And our customer satisfaction is 100%.

I invite you to peruse our website and then, contact us with what you need done. If you do not see it listed, it's due to humility, not lack of accomplishment. No job is too big or too small.

*See a CSR for more detailed information