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SpOrc Gaming!

Please join us in supporting fellow COVE members in their new venture, SpOrc Gaming! Norseman, Jester and Ragnoth have entered the realm of Twitch Streaming and YouTube video production! Spread the word!


Happy Birthday Cosmic Ventures! - 2015

It is an honor to have you all in here, some are hyperactive, some are active, some are passive and some are just relaxing. It is what it should be, a place for everyone and every role that stays in friendship with us.

It is just one candle burning on our “Cosmic Cake” but it is the one that reminds us that Star Citizen is “just” a game and makes clear why we are here:
We want to spend our rare spare time with friends and by this we do it for fun.

But fun, based on respect towards all members. Cosmic Ventures offers the freedom to do whatever you want to do, based on 100% loyalty but not stupidity. Let us meet in TS and share your vision of your venture! Or, simply:
Let’s party and celebrate one year of Cosmic Ventures!

-Circus, Primitus Council Member


September 1st

Once again we were fortunate to have members support Star Citizen with their attendance. This time, Dragon Con served as the event with Atlanta being the location. Spacecon and Captain Bruce were on hand to listen to several Star Citizen Panels and later, spend some quality time with Ben Lesnick. Check out the CV Forums for a detailed report!

Ben and the Boys


May 6th

Members of Cosmic Ventures were recently interviewed by several gaming magazines. Check out the interiews below!
May Interviews

March 18th

Our members and friends know our slogan: "Acta, Non Verba“, pretty well.  Sometimes action gets rewarded surprisingly fast!  We are proud to have been selected winners of the “RSI Organization Activity” competition for “medium”-sized organizations.  Our sincerest thanks go to CIG for their efforts in giving back to their supporters, as well as all Star Citizens, our members, and friends for contributing their time, energy and money in building such an awesome community.  Also, we extend heartfelt congratulations to the other five organizations that were honored.  A personal congratulations to a couple of the Founding Members (Griffin of AEQUITAS and Tiiga of XPLOR) whom I have had the privilege of getting to know fairly well on-line and look forward to shaking their hands at the big Gala event!
Captain Bruce
Consularis, Cosmic Ventures