The Cosmic Ventures Story

In the Beginning

In the year 2942, several Star Captains found themselves members of the same trading company. After a year of maximizing profits on an Eealus to Hadur fertilizer trade route, one member, Capt. Bruce opened a club on Cassel in the Goss system. A place to call his own and have friends stop by to discuss what they had seen in the vastness of space. Over time, one by one, they left the company and struck out on their own to see what fortune the stars held for them. Each one scheduling time to return to the bar and catch up with old friends. Before long, they had increased their personal wealth, a few had purchased extra ships- all in all, things were going well.

One evening, while the seven enjoyed a night of drink and camaraderie, Spacecon a regular at the club, pointed out what a great opportunity they had missed. While they enjoyed the profits of their individual voyages, there was much, much more to be made together. This tight-knit group could easily surpass their individual earnings. After some discussion, they decided to combine their entrepreneurial spirit and unique skill sets, and see what destiny held for the eight of them.

Late 2943, the Idris Frigate, "Cosmic Venture", departed on her maiden voyage. On-board, Gotcha!, Laser, Xitan, Vabem, Spacecon, ramocs, Circus and Capt. Bruce, each glanced around wondering if the others were feeling a similar euphoric sensation as they sped past the horizon and towards their daring journey amongst the stars….


Whether through hours of the tedious Stanton to Rhetor Food & Labor circuit, or an adrenaline filled, "cunningly planned" Leir to Vulture Snare-a-Scythe operation to bolster Capt. Bruce's Scythe collection, the crew of "Cosmic Venture" was forged into a true brotherhood of the cosmos.

As their adventures mounted, it became apparent that their spirit of brotherhood and unyielding ambition harkened to Earth of Old's "Days of Sail", they had all read about as boys. And even more surprising, there were many more just like them.

As their fleets grew and old friends began to inquire about an opportunity to explore the stars with them, they decided on another risky undertaking – creating a company. They renovated Capt. Bruce's club, The Boom Boom Room, into their headquarters and is now commonly referred to as Bruce Tower. In 2944, they officially opened their doors as Cosmic Ventures.

Looking to the Future

Many members have began research into finding the fabled 6th Jump Point in the Terra System. Never afraid to venture away from the safety of the UEE patrols, Cosmic Ventures is currently planning operations to search for Jump Points into Kr'thak controlled space, as well as, the capture of more Vanduul Scythe's.