Personal Transport: Requested "Elysium Nights" 890 Jump for V.I.P. Lt. Col. Marcus Estes and entourage, from Sol to Goss system; Transport Citizen Jerry Yuler from Goss I to Terra aboard Phoenix variant "Nautilus".

Ship Delivery: Deliver Retaliator from Hadrian to Bacchus system; White Glove Delivery of F7C and two 350R’s from Leir to Magnus system aboard Idris-M "FN"

Commodities: Nemo to Rhetor – Food; Rhetor to Stanton – Labor; Stanton to Nemo – Electronics

Salvage Ops: Idris-M parts from Cathcart System; Scythe salvage from Tiber System

Refueling: Ellis IX (Walleye); Killian XI; Osiris II

Mining: Minerals from Ellis XI; Ore from Ellis XIII

Munitions: Rendezvous with 127th Angry Angels and deliver munitions in Chronos system.

Racing: CV sponsored Eclipse Racing Team will allow you to climb into the fastest ships in the galaxy. Receive intensive training from the professionals of ERT, including Rae Singh™ the galaxies highest active earner on the circuit! Then challenge your friends! Groups up to 10 can race against each other! Choose from our heavily modded M50's, 350R's, rare Xi'an Khartu-al’s or even the EXTREMELY rare Vanduul Scythe!

Tourism: Cruises aboard our Luxurious Super-Yachts, “Cosmic Beauty” or "Elysium Nights", depart our HQ’s on Cassel throughout the day.

Visit the:

  • Goss System – the system the Galactic Guide say is “the epitome of natural beauty on a grand scale”, and don’t forget Killian XIII, the “Haunted Planet”;
  • Hades System - Search for the famous “Blue Man”;
  • Nemo System - Harken back to the days of old Earth and go “Space Whale” watching;
  • Ellis System - Experience the thrill of racing from the best view in the system.

*Special Weekend trips to see all our destinations can be organized upon request.*


Hades System – Salvage

Xi'an Systems - Jump Points

Banu Systems - Jump Points

Private Military Contracts:

Refueling Escort for Allies in “Confidential Information”

Stanton System Patrol for ArcCorp